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With more than 35 years of experience behind us, Groom-N-Stuff Pet Care Center is one of the leading pet grooming salons in Forest City, NC. We are the right place if you are looking to give your pet the look you have always dreamed of. We specialize in a wide range of pet services including pet washing and dog grooming of all breeds and sizes! Whether you are looking to give your pet’s fur a new look or looking for high quality natural food, just come and visit us. Read more about us and the pet services we offer and you will see that we are the pet groomers you have been looking for all this time!

I would not take my furry family member anywhere else!!!!!

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Groom-N-Stuff Pet Care Center
Address: 329 Oak Street Forest City, NC 28043
Phone: (828) 245-1031

We provide wide range of pet services.

From pet grooming to sitters and pet washing – our expertise is virtually limitless. Groom-N-Stuff Pet Care Center offers top-class grooming and care programs for your favorite pets. All cats and dogs, regardless of their breed or size, are welcomed at our salon. Our devoted pet groomers will ensure that your beloved animal is treated with the utmost care and care. After all, just like you, your pets deserve a relaxing day at a spa. Pet grooming is decisive in order to prevent excessive hair or fur shedding, bad breath, skin and paw disorders and other health related problems that could go unnoticed.

Just like you, your pets deserves a day at the spa. Pet grooming is very important since it helps to prevent excessive shedding, paw and skin disorders, bad breath and other problems that may go unnoticed! At our salon we offer:

  • Pet toysWe specialize in a wide range of pet services including pet washing.
  • Pet washing
  • Balance and energy products
  • Various flea and tick repellents and medications
  • Arthritis and allergy supplements
  • Oral hygiene products
  • Cat and dog grooming services
  • Natural and holistic pet foods

All of the products we are using in our dog grooming and pet washing treatments are well known brands with a proven track record, giving our customers peace of mind, knowing that their pet is in capable hands, being treated in a way they deserve. Give us a chance and we’ll prove to you that we are the best pet groomers in the county! For those of you who are frequently away from home, maybe on business in another town or city, we also offer a pet service. Our pet groomers are all caring animal lovers who will take care of your pet like it was their own.

Our pet groomers are dedicated and loving individuals who cannot live without animals around them!Trust us and we’ll turn your beloved ones into the cutest one in town. Even for those who have tough days at work we possess the perfect pet grooming program. We’ll walk, feed your “family members”, administer medicines if needed in a few words we’ll take care of them like they are ours. Our pet groomers are dedicated and loving individuals who cannot live without animals around them!

Choose us and you will get something more that just a grooming salon. You will get an honest and reliable friends who are ready to take care and give you a shoulder whenever your pet is in trouble! From neat fur-style to pet sitting and bathing we are the ones you have been looking for.

Call us and you will not regret it!

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